The Fall Of The Berlin Mall Of Berlin

Jeepers. That didn’t take very long.

Mall of Berlin

This is not just any mall, mind you, but the hubristically named Mall of Berlin—the largest Germany’s capital has ever seen, including not only shops but (as yet unfinished) apartments and a hotel. And guess what? While it’s only been open since the autumn, the whole project is already bombing…

It’s not that Berlin’s government and developers don’t have the guts to take on major projects to transform the city. They just really suck at them.

Lady Gaga To Event Herself At Famous Hedonistic Nightclub


In Berlin. And the rumors are already abounding that she is at long last ready to finally reveal to the world that she is actually a woman.

In gut einem Monat erscheint Lady Gagas neues Album “Artpop”. In Berlin rührt Gaga am 24. Oktober selbst die Werbetrommel und wird den Fans die Platte vorstellen, sie moderiert das Event auch noch selbst.