Euro Hawk Actually Euro Turkey

Just when Germans thought that they could own a drone of their own, one of those fancy European-made Euro Hawk drone type drones, somebody finally did the math and figured out that the 508 million euros already spent for the prototype had already been more than enough already.


Now Germany is in talks with Israel on buying something called a Heron TP drone instead. I assume that the TP stands for Total Preiswert (totally inexpensive) and this is definitely the way to go because if you absolutely positively have to own killing machines that you will never ever use in a million years anyway, cheapness is what you want.

Berlin sucht den Drohnen-Depp!​


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  1. So then they are going to buy a cheap POS from Israel? That GH can only take so may sensors at once, and it looks like a committee decided to put radars under the wings….which meant it needed a bigger engine, which drove a redesign of the fuese and wing tanks etc. This is typical German behavior…”we can make that American idea so much better…” For crying out loud, just buy the Predator B or C and order it configured for your needs…oops…forgot, there is a big acquisition burocracy in Germany that then wouldn’t be able to justify its existence…ok..regaining my senses.

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