Veggie Day Will Just Be The Start

If the Greens get their way, I mean.


Although most German works canteens (the place where most working Germans take in their main meal of the day) offer one vegetarian day per week voluntarily already, this is clearly not enough for certain of the more nervous elements pacing the floors at Green Shirt Campaign Headquarters. A federal election is coming up people, so it’s time for a little agitprop sommertime theater already (agitprop Sommerloch theater?).

Once in absolute control – uh, I mean after the coming election in September – the Greens apparantly plan to introduce legislation indroducing “Veggie Day” for the good of all of us, animals included, whether we like our veggies or not (most animals hate them). Like how Organic Bourgeois of them is that?

You see, it’s not like the Greens are into Bevormundung or anything (paternalism, condescension, tutelage, bureaucratic PC dictatorship, etc.). It’s just that they’re into Bevormundung.

One guy from the FDP put it well: “What’s next? Jute Shopping Bag Day? Bike Day? Green Shirt Day?”

“Man muss nicht jeden Tag zwei Burger essen.”

4 responses

  1. “Man muss nicht jeden Tag zwei Burger essen.” – “Nein, aber man muss das Recht dazu haben!”
    “You don’t have to eat two burgers a day.” – “No, but you have to have the right to do so!”

  2. My 18 year old German god son is addicted to Burger King. Will there be 8 weeks “Kur” to cure him of his burger addiction?

  3. @Peter: Absolutely right! What is government – or what should it be? A negation, in my view: Don’t do this, don’t do that. But it should never be the other way around (do this, do that). This is fundamental and very important. We have lost sight of this and need to get back on track.

    @Murph: There is no cure for Burger King, Kur or otherwise. I’m an In-N-Out Burger addict myself. I’m sure glad they haven’t opened these over here – and if they have, don’t tell me where.

    @A.K.: That reminds me of the recent circumcision outrage for some reason. I’m surprized this hasn’t been addressed yet.

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