Meat Me At The Barbeque

How smart was the Green Party’s election pledge to introduce a weekly vegetarian day? Oh, I dunno. But more than 85 percent of Germans eat meat daily or almost daily. So you do the math.


Massive web surveillance by the US? German voters seem to have lost interest. The euro crisis? Boring. Comprehensive minimum wage? Zzzzzz. It has been a somnolent election season thus far. At least until this week. Suddenly, the German electorate is up in arms, furious with a proposal made by the Green Party which, many fear, could violate one of their most cherished rights: that of eating sausage whenever they want.


2 responses

  1. Bild-‘Zeitung’ digs up a two-year-old election paper from the Greens in a desperate attempt to wake up their readers – hacks up screaming headline – and surprisingly, all the major news agencies and TV stations repeat it without checking. World keeps turning.

  2. The hot German summer goes on, the election campaign goes on, and the green moralists can still think of a lot of stings to place on the Michels, which the MSM props up to whole truths! Back to the 70´s and 80´s here.

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