Gentrification Giants 1 – Subculture Vultures 0

An evicted group of about 20 subculture artist/activist types chained to the remains of Berlin’s graffiti-covered Tacheles alternative scene “living space” ruin is about to be forcibly dragged out kicking and screaming into German reality by black-clad gentrification special forces troops right here live on TV, I hope, but nobody can tell me when. Or on which channel or anything (maybe later in the Internetz?).

The group is defending “one of Berlin’s last bastions of alternative subculture, and are fighting eviction ahead of plans to develop it (the Tacheles) as an office and luxury apartments complex” and has to be dealt with accordingly, of course. After years of pussyfooting around with them first, I mean.

I would advise them not to let the door hit them on the way out but there are no doors at the Tacheles as they were surely used as firewood  long ago during one of those quaint, Stone Age let’s-not-freeze-to-death-tonight gettogethers so popular with artist types there and elsewhere here in Berlin.

Tacheles “is just the latest in a long line of public spaces that have been lost to private investors” and will surely be missed by all, myself not included.

Darko stands behind an iron gate, his bare chest daubed in red paint with the words “victim of bank.”

PS: This German subculture is not to be confused with this other German subculture here.

Anti-War Bombs Real Duds

All we are saying, is give peace a chance (or we’ll burn your asses up).

German peacenik activist types protesting Germany’s so-called military engagement in Afghanistan just attempted an arson attack at the north end of one of Berlin Hauptbahnhof’s tunnels (the high-speed link to Hamburg).

Railway employees discovered the device in time and experts secured “seven bottles filled with flammable liquid bundled together and linked to a fuse.”

Peace now or we’ll kill you? How refreshing or something. There is a certain logic here somewhere, I’m sure. I just haven’t found it yet.

The “Hekla Reception Committee — Initiative for more Eruptions in Society” — in an apparent reference to Iceland’s Hekla volcano — claimed responsibility.

International Solidarity with England

Nine cars went up in flames last night in Berlin.

The part that I don’t get: Police say every second burning is politically motivated.

Does that mean that the other half gets ignated just for fun?

No, I stand corrected. I don’t get any of this.

Von einer breit organisierten Tätergruppe aus der linken Szene könne nicht ausgegangen werden, sagte Stefan Redlich, Leiter des Dezernats für politisch motivierte Kriminalität beim Berliner Staatsschutz. Vielmehr seien Einzelne bei den politisch motivierten Taten und Trittbrettfahrer bei den persönlich motivierten Taten verantwortlich.


Chaos must be well organized, ja?

Germans, being born anarchists (and born Germans), are genetically programmed to be aware of how important it is that the chaotic and deteriorating world in which we live continue to degenerate, but to have it do so in an “orderly chaotic” and therefore German manner.

That is why the Chaos Computer Club, holding its 27th annual Chaos Computer Club Congress in Berlin this week, has expressed Chaos Computer Club Congress Concern Concerning the recent hacking attacks against “Mastercard und Co.” in wake of recent WikiLeaks revelations (the leaks themselves were carried out quite orderly, causing complete chaos, so they were OK).
It appears that these attacks are in fact against something called Chaos Computer Club “hacker ethics” and the interests of those who genuinely strive for a truly transparent society (albeit a deteriorating and chaotic one) and they kindly request that such disorderly chaotic attacks cease immediately, or something.

I tell ya, it’s a dog-eat-dog-hacker-gegen-hacker world out there.

“As the world becomes more chaotic, we can help.”

Flying stones gather no moss

Who needs Hamburg Islamists to stage daring terrorist acts in Germany when there are plenty of non-Islamic German types out there attacking the country already?

You know the deal, this was another one of those annual fight-the-power-squatter-anarchist-riot-romantic-love-fest things that got out of control again because they always get of control again, this time in Hamburg’s Schanzenviertel after the so-called Schanzenfest. Hey, somebody’s got to do this stuff. Hamburg Islamist or not, I mean.

“Geschlossen gegen Gewalt.”