German Women To Wear Full-Body Suits In Tokyo

No. Not those kind. Although… What’s the difference in the end?

German female gymnasts will choose whether they want to wear full body-suits in Sunday’s qualifications at the Tokyo Olympics after receiving accolades for donning the outfits in the past in a stand against the sexualisation of their sport.

German Of The Day: Gesichtsverhüllung

That means face shrouding or face disguising.


And as of today it is against the law to do so in Austria. It’s a burqa ban, so-to-speak. Too bad about all those other clown masks out there that people like to wear, though. And Halloween is coming up soon too, you know.

The restrictions are aimed at ‘ensuring the cohesion of society in an open society’, it says, and violations will be punished with a fine of up to €150.

Ähnliche Burkaverbote gibt es auch in Frankreich und Belgien. Der Europäische Gerichtshof für Menschenrechte hat in zwei Urteilen festgestellt, dass das Verbot rechtens ist.

German Of The Day: Vollverschleierungsverbot

That means full-face veil ban. Veil, what will they think of next?


That just became law in Germany, although it only applies for Richterinnen (judge ladies), Beamtinnen (civil servant ladies) and Soldatinnen (soldier ladies). All ten or twelve of them. How many women in those positions in Germany might want to wear such an awful thing, anyway? But hey, it’s a good start I guess.*

“Integration bedeutet auch, dass wir unsere Werte und die Grenzen unserer Toleranz gegenüber anderen Kulturen deutlich machen und vermitteln.”

* I don’t think men in those positions are allowed to wear them, either. But don’t quote me on that.

Talk about being frauenfeindlich

You know, anti-women? First Angela Merkel rejects quotas for women in senior management positions as suggested by her lady politician buddy Labor Minister Ursula von der Leyen (funny how women always have to bicker around with each other like that). Then the state of Hesse prohibits burqas at work for public employees.

Of course rumor has it that the burqa lady (or her master and commander religious husband who calls all the shots) may have only threatened to have her wear the thing to finagle a severance package from her employer bacause “it refuses to allow employees to come to work with completely enshrouded bodies,” for some strange reason, but that’s just a rumor, like I said. Religious folks wouldn’t behave that way.

“Civil service employees and those who come into contact with citizens should not be veiled.”

Germans in drag

OK, fine. But in Pakistan?

A German national terrorist type wearing a burqa got busted by Pakistani security forces while trying to sneak through a security check post in northwestern Pakistan.

Worse still, he was also wearing one of those loud and annoying German World Cup flag jerseys and antler sets everybody’s wearing around here these days – or he might as well have been.

The German was wearing a full-body sewing cloth that Muslim women wear for cultural and religious reasons.