Steinmeier First President Ever To Put Parliamentarians Asleep During First Half Of Swearing-In Ceremony

In a refreshing twist on the rather staid traditions of German presidential swearing-in ceremonies of the past, Germany’s new president, Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD), broke with protocol and chose a speech that put a large number of German parliamentarians asleep a mere seven minutes into the ceremony.


“Wah?” said one startled representative from Rhineland-Palatinate as a Bundestag usher gently nudged him awake. “Good point. I couldn’t agree more!”

Steinmeier is regarded by many in Berlin as possessing the qualities necessary for the office of president: He is boring, ineffective, mediocre in every way and… Boring.

“Germany needs strong leadership, especially in the current situation.”

And You Thought The Next President Of The United States Was A Real Shocker

It could be worse. You could live here in Germany.


Well at least they don’t let the people vote for their presidents here. This guy, Mr. Diplomat, is now going to become Mr. President. Talk about a mediocrity, a sheep in sheep’s clothing and all that. He is the living, breathing Spiegel Gutmensch in person. Only he’s not really a real person in reality. He’s more like that Abraham Lincoln robot dude I remember seeing once at Disneyland when I was a kid, only this one can walk. And talk at the same time, sort of (forget the chewing bubble gum at the same time part, though). It’s best if you turn off the volume whenever he starts talking, however. It’s more like a whine. And I don’t mean a fine whine, either.

That’s right. In other words he’ll be the perfect president for Germany.

Steinmeier (SPD), backed by many German industry leaders, academics and cultural leaders, raised concerns among U.S. and NATO officials earlier this year when he said a series of Western military exercises in eastern Europe could be seen as “saber-rattling” against Russia.

Pissed Off German Accidentally Says Something Meaningful

Putin-Understanders: “Warmonger! Warmonger! Stop the Nazis in Ukraine!”

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier: “The world does not consist of peace angels on one side and villains on the other. The world is unfortunately more complicated than that. And thank God there are still a few people out there who address this complexity and look for ways out of the crisis in Ukraine.”

“Dieses Maß an Hass und Dummheit, das mir auf dieser Veranstaltung entgegenschallte, hat mich in einem so hohen Maße empört, dass diese Rede so zustande kam, wie sie zustande kam.”

Steinmeier to win with the worst election results since 1955

Getting creamed just as bad as/even worse than their rival grand coalition counterparts CDU in three German regional elections held yesterday, Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) now expect to clean up big time at the big time national election to be held here on September 27.

A comedian to the end.

His party losing votes even more convincingly than usual, this time in Saarland, Saxony and Thuringia, SPD chancellor candidate Frank-Walter Steinmeier is said to be absolutely thrilled to death already and just made a phone call to ex-boss ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schröder’s not-yet-ex-wife Doris Schröder-Köpf to ask her about how best to re-drape the Chancellery.

“A comedian for chancellor? Why not, Germans think.”