German Of The Day: Erhöhtes Bewusstsein

That means having a higher level of consciousness. You know, like being woke, as in wokeness or wokery?


Here’s an example: The very divisive president: Joe Biden has unleashed a wave of wokery in his first ten days that will enrage millions – as his supporters in Silicon Valley shut down dissent. Hmmm. Wasn’t Biden the one always proclaiming the need for unity and healing? Maybe I misunderstood what he was getting at.

Biden announced the purchase of an extra 200 million vaccinations. But those were already on the way as part of the contracts negotiated by Trump.

Similarly, the new administration let it be known that the President was planning to invoke a wartime measure – the Defense Production Act – to force companies to increase vaccine supply.

But again, Trump had already done that and industry sources told the New York Times that there was no scope to go any further.

There is a clear pattern that’s already emerging: a massive gulf between President Biden’s words and his actions…

In his first two days in office, Biden issued 17 executive orders, compared to Trump’s one and Obama’s two in the same timeframe.

Biden’s tally is now higher than any President in history at this point in their tenure. Moreover, his orders represent dramatic moves to the Left in major and controversial policy areas such as immigration, the environment and crime.


Speaking Of German Efficiency…

Sure, border control authorities losing 48 of the 51 illegal migrants (undocumented migrants?) they placed in their detention facilty is certainly a tough act to follow but I live in a place called BLN (that’s how some folks refer to Berlin here) so let’s give it a try.


In Berlin they like to take things a level higher, you see. Take the police, for instance. Please. Berlin has the only big city police department where the robbers break in and nobody seems to care. Thieves broke in to Berlin’s police headquarters near the Airlift Memorial in Tempelhof on Monday night and stole some militaria. The cops tried to keep a lid on it, of course, but the Lügenpresse got their hands on the story someehow.

I don’t care much about this robbery, either, I must say. House break-ins have risen dramatically in Germany these past years but the police have increased their solve rate to around two percent of the cases. So, like, what on earth is there to worry about?

Getting back to German Efficiency; the thieves are the really efficent ones here. But that’s only because they are rarely German.

“Wenn jemand hier einen Anschlag plant, rennt er durch, und keiner der dort Angestellten wäre fähig, es zu verhindern.”

German Of The Day: Antanzdiebstahl

Antanzan = to “dance” up, as in to show up, make an appearance. Diebstahl = theft or robbery.


Antanzen + Diebstahl = Antanzdiebstahl. This new German word refers to a new method of pickpocket robbery that certain new arrival-types to Germany are now using all across the country, “a type of con in which thieves approach victims and hug or otherwise surprise them, with the aim of distracting them in order to pick their pockets.”

Sex attacks and thefts like the ones that happened in Cologne on New Year’s Eve were also reported in 12 other German states, German media say. The information comes from a leaked report of the federal criminal police.

She didn’t know no better

Sheesh! Thieves these days. No, not that German health minister lady, Ulla Schmidt (SPD), I mean those mean, rotten and nasty Spanish car thieves who stole her ride down in Alicante. And this after she flew all the way down there for official important European political business matters – and had her chauffeur drive her official important German Mercedes limo the 1,500 miles down there too, so it would be waiting for her when she got there. But then it got stolen, like I said. Thieves these days. Like I said again.

Thieves suck.

Is nothing sacred? No, not the German tax Euros that get so generously distributed by German politicians these days, I mean that beautiful S-Class Mercedes. But you shot yourselves in the feet this time, Spanish criminals. You can bet that after this she’ll never have it driven down there for her again.

„Opposition politicians want to know why she needed her car in Spain, when embassy vehicles are available.“