Last Place Again!

The same procedure as last year. The same procedure as every year?

Last Place

The latest education study indicates that when it comes to the 16 German Bundesländer (states) and their school systems, Berlin schools come in 16th again. The states that seem to have their stuff together are Saxony, Thuringia (both in the Evil East!), Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg.

We’re poor but sexy. So we don’t need no education.

Die Hauptstadt erreichte bei dem Vergleich der Bildungssysteme der Bundesländer des arbeitgebernahen Instituts der deutschen Wirtschaft (IW) insgesamt wie im Vorjahr Rang 16.


The German education system? Hell yeah, it’s unfair. Only one in ten immigrant children ever make it the Abitur (the general qualification for university entrance).

But that’s not all that bad an average really, if you stop and think about it. Only one in three Germans ever make it that far either. Like I said, unfair.

Bei lediglich 2,9 Prozent der Studenten in Deutschland handle es sich um Ausländer, die in Deutschland Abitur gemacht haben.

Higher education

Or was it education for hire? That’s the good thing about this wonderful egalitarian German higher education system over here. Everything is so, well, egal (whatever). Studying doesn’t cost anything in Germany, you see, or next to nothing.

Now it's off to the third degree.

Except… When it comes to the ones how happen to be more egal/equal than you are. They are the folks who are in the position to pay Herr Dr. Professor (take you’re pick, he’s both) a little bakshish on the side for “supervising” their doctorates and thus guaranteeing academic success.

“They were told simply that paying the money would go a long way to ensuring their Ph.Ds were in the bag.”