But If We Stop Nord Steam 2…

We’ll be agreeing with Donald Trump!


Nord Stream 2: Why Germany may pull plug on Russian pipeline – For the first time since building began almost a decade ago, the future of the pipeline looks threatened.

Ironically, one reason that many Germans support the pipeline is because its greatest critic is US President Donald Trump. He is disliked in Germany and his rants against the pipeline only serve to boost its popularity.

Many voters suspect he wants it scrapped in order to sell American fuel to Germany instead. Mrs Merkel has to avoid the impression that she is giving in to pressure from Mr Trump.


Talk About Your Christmas Spirit

Would you accept a free drink from a total stranger? Hell yeah, I would (it’s not like anybody is ever going to offer me one).

But Berlin police say this is not a good idea these days, as a man serving vodka-schnapps spiked with a date-rape drug is causing nausea and hurt Christmas feelings at that Berlin Christmas market nearest you.

So you better be good, you better not pout. Just say no. Ho, ho, ho.

Jüngst war der Täter als Weihnachtsmann verkleidet.