Now That We Face A Crippling Shortage Of Natural Gas…

Let’s turn off our remaining nuclear power plants too.

We have a reputation for being gründlich (thorough), after all.

Germany’s scramble to revamp its energy policy – Germany woke up too late to the risks of energy dependence on Russia. Moscow’s natural gas shutoff may make it one of the hardest-hit EU economies.

At a dinner at the German embassy in London on October 23, 1980, German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt shocked British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher when he told her that West Germany relied upon the Soviet Union for 14 percent of its daily natural gas consumption. “That was very dangerous and unwise,” she said. Mr. Schmidt responded, “My dear Margaret, the Russians have always been the most reliable suppliers. They need us as much as we need them. There is no danger at all.” For nearly 40 years, the chancellor’s optimistic assessment appeared accurate, and Germany’s dependence on Russian gas only kept increasing.

Putin Forced Us To Become Energy Dependent On Him

It wasn’t our fault, Mom. The other kids were jumping off the bridge too. That’s why we’ve got this recession now, see?

Germany blames Putin for pushing economy towards recession – Vice-chancellor Robert Habeck signals ‘substantial downturn’ in the coming quarters.

Habeck (Greens) blamed the gloomy forecast on Vladimir Putin’s attempts to use energy as a tool to destabilize Europe. Habeck said forecasts would have been worse if Berlin had not taken action to soften the blow.

“The numbers are bad.”


Making someone question their own reality. The term may also be used to describe a person (a “gaslighter”) who presents a false narrative to another group or person, thereby leading them to doubt their perceptions and become misled, disoriented or distressed.

Berlin’s 19th Century Gas Lanterns Go Dark as Russia Cuts Fuel – The city is speeding the shutdown of traditional streetlights while citizens scramble to stay warm.

Like other cities worldwide, Berlin began installing gas lanterns along its avenues and alleyways in the early 19th century. But while the rest of the planet has long since moved on to sodium, halide, and LED, the German capital has remained stubbornly old-school, with some 23,000 gas lanterns still illuminating the city. For years the local government has sought to eliminate the gaslights in favor of more sustainable technologies, but fans of the warm glow and sculpted lampposts have managed to slow the effort. Today, Russia’s war in Ukraine is hastening the technology’s demise. “Gas is too expensive and wasteful,” says Benedikt Lux, a city legislator from the Green Party. “They should have been converted to LEDs long ago.”

Why Are Germans So Concerned About Russia These Days?

It’s not like the Russians would ever interfere in Germany’s internal affairs or anything.

Germany’s cybersecurity chief faces dismissal, reports say – German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser wants to dismiss the country’s cybersecurity chief due to possible contacts with people involved with Russian security services, German media reported late on Sunday, citing government sources.

Arne Schoenbohm, president of the BSI federal information security agency, could have had such contacts through the Cyber Security Council of Germany, various outlets reported.

Schoenbohm was a founder of the association, which counts as a member a German company that is a subsidiary of a Russian cybersecurity firm founded by a former KGB employee, they wrote…

War is now waged not only on the battlefield, but also on the Internet. Hackers are the soldiers of the modern age. And Russia is one of the most active players in cyberspace: Putin’s state apparatus disinforms with media loyal to the state, clogs up comment columns on social networks with the help of so-called troll factories, or blows the whistle on direct digital attacks on other states.

German Of The Day: Sabotage

That means sabotage.

A lot of that going on in and around Germany these days, don’t you think?

Sabotage Hits Trains in Northern Germany, Forcing 3-Hour Halt – A train communications system in Germany was targeted by sabotage Saturday, forcing both passenger and cargo trains to halt for nearly three hours across the northwest of the country, authorities said.

“I can’t stand it, I know you planned it…”

German Energy Price Cap Already Taking Effect

Whew. Thank goodness the government intervened in time.

German of the day: Energieverbrauch. That means energy consumption. And concerned Germans just can’t seem to consume enough of it these days.

Despite the German government’s calls for savings, energy consumption by citizens in Germany has not fallen. According to the Federal Network Agency, consumption by private households and smaller commercial customers last week was almost ten percent higher than in previous years.

The Majority Of Germans Were Also Confident That The Energy Supply From Russia Was Secure

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

Majority of Germans confident energy supply to remain secure through winter, survey shows.

Nearly two thirds of Germans believe that power supply in Europe’s biggest economy will remain secure over autumn and winter, a survey showed on Tuesday, as Berlin scrambles to compensate for falling Russian energy imports.

Do As I Say And Not As I Do

Or, if you prefer, no more German Alleingänge (going it alone)… After this one. Promise.

Tensions flare over the EU’s new irresponsible big spender: Germany – Countries say Berlin has a burden of responsibility not just to pour billions into its own economy — when German mistakes created the crisis.

Ten years ago, when Europe was in the throes of the eurozone crisis, Germany led the drive for austerity. Now the rest of Europe is fuming about Germany’s heavy spending on energy subsidies that they fear could exacerbate the Continent’s politically explosive rich-poor divide. It hardly helps these growing tensions that it was Berlin’s misguided dependence on Russian gas that helped trigger the bloc’s energy crisis in the first place.

Gas Consumption Too High?

Well, we’ll fix that by subsidizing its use to encourage consumers to consume even more.

No need to thank us. We’re from the government and we’re here to help.

German gas consumption too high, says energy regulator – Germany’s network regulator, whcih would be in charge of gas rationing in the event of a supply emergency, on Thursday said that household consumption was too high to be sustainable.

Turn Off The Red Nose, Rudolf

It’s just not going to be windy or sunny enough this Christmas.

Germans urged to switch off Christmas lights this year to cut energy usage as Russia keeps tight hold on Europe’s gas supply – Germans should turn off their Christmas lights this winter to save energy as Russia clamps down on gas flows to Europe, according to non-profit environmental organization, Deutsche Umwelthilfe.