Germans Really Are Industrious

Even when it comes to industrial piracy.


German companies are ranked second in the world for industrial plagiarism, a global study released today has found (only China does it better). The numbers indicate that 1 in 4 plagiarized tech goods are made in Germany.

Of course the only problem with this study is that it was made by the the Federation of German Machine and Equipment Builders (or VDMA) so it may have been plagiarized itself.

And no, this wasn’t in the news tonight.

Für den Ideenklau ist oft nicht ein Produzent im fernen China, sondern der Konkurrent um die Ecke verantwortlich.

Germans Now Allowed To Shoot At Pirates

On land, even. No, not these pirates. These pirates down here.

Well, they won’t actually be shooting at the pirates per se (that would be bad), but more like at their equipment and stuff. You know, at the loot and the booty on the beaches? This will make the pirates run away and never come back again or at least become good or something.

It is all part of the EU’s anti-pirate Operation Atalanta off the Somali coast so it’s OK for Germans to do this, really.

The German opposition continues to criticise the operation as risky overreach for the forces and has vowed to vote against it.

Pay up or shut up

Or can we pay up and keep on yakking? Everyone is relieved, as usual. Especially the pirates who just took in $2.7 million for the German freighter they seized in the Indian Ocean.

There's lots of money to be made in shipping.

Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier of Germany said it was “with great relief’’ that that he learned of the ship’s release. Chancellor Angela Merkel was also “happy and relieved,’’ it is reported. And one of the relieved pirates is also said to have said that “We are now dividing the money and we shall get off the ship soon,” with great relief already.

British Royal Navy Commander John Harbour said the EU did not get involved in ransom deals and he could not confirm reports that $2.7 million had been paid.

Go German navy!

Well let’s chalk up another great success for the Deutsche Marine. Or at least that’s what one might want to do if he or she believes what they put out on the wire half an hour ago about their “Atalanta” anti-pirate mission going on down in the Gulf of Aden. And this despite that unfortunate little nasty detail about the hijacking of a German tanker by Somali pirates – yesterday.


 Another great success!


Carrying liquefied petroleum gas from Saudi Arabia, the German-owned, Bahamas flag-waving Langcamp was hijacked with a crew of 12 Filipinos and an Indonesian by Somali pirates in international waters (can’t get much more international than that), and this despite the highly praised and loudly acclaimed (in Germany) “international” German navy mission that echoed through the German press a few weeks back. This was the third ship hijacking this year, by the way.


Böse Zungen (malicious tongues) might suggest that this proves yet again how things can actually go wrong once you actually start doing things, actually, even if you are a German, or a German navy. But that would be böse so you won’t be hearing it from me.


Nope, nobody down there can stop the Karlsruhe. Nobody down there needs to, I guess.


„Die deutsche Marine werdet die Mission als Erfolg – trotz der erneuten Schiffsentführung durch somalische Piraten.“