This Gives “Lord Of The Lost” A Whole New Meaning

German Of The Day: Schlusslicht. That means taillight. As in last place. Again.

This has now become a tradition, I guess. It’s very strange. Russia would have received more points. With Putin singing.

This can’t be true! We got the fewest points again! We brought up the rear at the Eurovision Song Contest once again. And that despite the quite striking performance of “Lord of the Lost”.

Kanßel Kultur

Looks like the Germans beat you to the draw on this one, cancel culture commissioners.

But chin up. The methods you use to silence the un-woke are much more effective.

Nazi book burnings in Germany – archive, May 1933 – 10 May 1933: Students in uniform around the country burn thousands of books deemed to be un-German.

Thousands of curious spectators lined the pavements this evening to watch the procession of Nazi students on their way to a gala on the Opera Square, where they burned a huge quantity of “un-German” books. The students, who were in uniform, escorted six vans of the doomed books, as well as confiscated emblems of the Jewish fraternities.

German Of The Day: Hiobsbotschaft

Literally, “Job of the Bible’s message.” Bad news, in other words. Evil tidings.

HIOBSBOTSCHAFT FOR GERMAN ECONOMY: Industrial Production Surprisingly Down Sharply.

Germany’s Industrial Plunge Revives Winter Recession Fears – German industrial production sank by the most in a year — raising the risk that Europe’s largest economy slipped into a winter recession.

Output dropped 3.4% in March, more than the 1.5% decline economists had predicted in a Bloomberg survey. The decrease was especially pronounced in the automotive sector, according to the statistics office.

Germany May Be Arming Ukraine

But it clearly has no intention of arming itself.

This is still considered news?

Germany is finally focusing on defending NATO, but its military ‘lacks almost everything’ it needs to do it, a former German general says.

In the early years after the Cold War, the military of the reunited Germany — comprising the West German Bundeswehr and parts of East Germany’s National Volksarmee — was a large, well-trained, and well-equipped force.

In 1990, that force had almost 500,000 personnel. Today, the German military is just 183,000-strong, and it can’t meet its recruiting goals. In 2018, half of its jet fighters and none of its six submarines were rated ready for combat. In 2022, German commanders complained that their Puma infantry fighting vehicles were plagued by defects.

German Of The Day: Sprengung

That means blasting.

I got your infrastructure for you right here, pal.

If all goes well, the Rahmedetalbrücke (bridge) will collapse exactly vertically on Sunday. “We don’t have a meter of space,” says blaster Michael Schneider, meaning that the bridge must not tip to the side during the blasting. This is because there are houses almost directly underneath it, which must not come to any harm.

Country Saving The Planet Consumes Enough For Three

“Am deutschen Wesen soll die Welt genesen.” That’s something like: The world shall be healed following the German way.

Overconsumption: Germany needs 3 planets – On May 4, Germany exhausted its capacity to sustain itself. This “earth overshoot” will be compensated by taking finite resources from poorer countries — and future generations.

Despite the economic slowdown due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Germany has now overreached its sustainable biological limits.

Meanwhile, this year’s global Earth Overshoot Day is, like last year, projected to be around July 28.

German Of The Day: Horrorszenario

That means horror scenario.

Horror Scenario – Germany Prepares for Possible Re-Election of Donald Trump.

Berlin is preparing for the possibility that Donald Trump could beat Joe Biden in the next election. That outcome would likely be a disaster for Ukraine, NATO and the looming climate crisis. Diplomats have begun establishing contacts with the former president’s camp to avoid being blindsided as they were in 2016.

“The Germans are bad, very bad.”

Pre-Game Show

It only makes sense to warm up with a little senseless violence before the real, official senseless violence begins.

May demonstration in Berlin: police report riots. “Bottles and pyros” thrownAt least one stone was thrown at police during a demonstration in Berlin on the eve of May 1 with around 3,300 participants. One woman was arrested.

On the night of May 1, demonstrators attacked police officers in Berlin-Kreuzberg. During a left-wing queer-feminist demonstration on Sunday evening, participants threw bottles and firecrackers at the police.

German Of The Day: Selbstversorgung

That means self-sufficiency.

The Big Dig: Germany reopens its mines in quest for mineral self-sufficiency – Berlin wants to reduce its dependence on China by extracting more critical raw materials, such as fluorspar, at home.

“If we really want a revolution in transport and the resources needed for that, there’s no way around this project.”

German Of The Day: “Under Review”

That means business as usual.

Business links between Germany and China are under review – It is unusual for a foreign minister to tour a factory, but it shows the importance of business ties between Germany and China. The country is Germany’s biggest trade partner and an important destination for foreign investments in several industries that are the backbone of the Mittelstand (mid-size companies). Yet as the value of trade increased for the seventh consecutive year in 2022, the bilateral deficit widened.