Der Spiegel: Republicans End Amerika As We Know It

Uh, that’s bad, right?


America’s Republicans have emerged again as a crazed mob. The conservatives have stubbornly voted for the shutdown and against their own leadership. In doing so, they are only thinking of their own careers and not about their party.

Wow. That’s kind of touching. I honestly had no idea that Der Spiegel was so concerned about the Republican Party up until now.

Amerikas Republikaner erscheinen mal wieder wie ein wildgewordener Haufen. Die Konservativen stimmen stur für den Shutdown und gegen die eigene Führung. Dabei denken sie nur an ihre Karriere und nicht an die Partei.

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  1. I was in Sicily two weeks ago: great place, great food! Our English speaking tour guide told us that we were only 72 miles from Africa. While Der Spiegel is hauling water for President Obama, 300 Africans have drowned off the coast of Sicily, trying to make it to the continent of plenty in a rickety 20 meter (60ft) boat. I don’t get the feeling that this is an important story for Der Spiegel. It is my understanding that the Italian Coast Guard has recently adverted several similar types of disasters. The Italian government is looking to the EU for help. I hear crickets churping.

  2. Totally shocking and sad. And keep this in mind when the next wave of Empörung (indignation) about that evil US-Amerikan Berlin Wall that has been put up on the Mexican border gets published in the Spiegel (about every three months). Europeans would never do such a thing, you see.

  3. They seems to have finally found a refreshingly hateful variant to the annual “the end of the American dream” goat that they trot out and molest about once a year.

  4. It’s more than once a year, guy. I should note down how often and properly analyze this phenomenon, but I would say that this particular “end of the American dream” ritual (at the Spiegel) takes place at a minimum every six months. It also has to do with the overall large-scale weather pattern (lack of news elsewhere, for instance), of course, because this is one that always sells.

    • They might be surprised to discover that there still are humans roaming the landscape, and that we aren’t being chased by zombies, and that most of us actually wear SHOES!

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