German Of The Day: Waffenstillstand

That means armistice.


Am 11. November 1918, um 5:15 Uhr morgens wird der Waffenstillstand in einem Eisenbahn-Salonwagen, der sich in einem Waldstück der Gemeinde Compiègne unweit des kleinen Ortes Rethondes in Nordfrakreich befand, vom französischen Marschall Ferdinand Foch, Oberbefehlshaber der Alliierten, unterzeichnet.



Beautiful German weapon sale of the week.


Because somebody has to admire them.

U35, Germany’s most modern 212A class submarine, was commissioned in Eckernförde today. Hmmm. I wonder if this has anything to do with the 100 year anniversary of the Lusitania sinking?

What Do You Mean BEFORE World War II?

“Given the horror of the Second World War where the guilt of course strongly lies with Germany and we take responsibility for the terror of National Socialism, we haven’t in Germany had the First World War so much in mind.”


One indication of Germans’ interest has been the success of the best-seller “The Sleepwalkers” by Australian Christopher Clark…

Experts and critics put the German success of the nearly 900-page title down to the book’s premise that Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire didn’t play any greater role than other countries in starting the war.

“People are delighted,” Historian Gerd Krumeich of Duesseldorf University said, sarcastically. “Among German intellectuals there was the conviction that everything led us to Hitler. Clark liberates us from all that by saying to us ‘you’re not more aggressive than the others’,” he said.