There’s Nowhere Else To Go

Thanks again, Angie. They couldn’t have done it without you.


Populist attitudes are on the rise in Germany, particularly from within the political center. One in three voters now sympathizes with populist policies, according to a new study by the Bertelsmann Foundation.

The latest “Populism Barometer” found that almost every third German voter sympathizes to some degree with populist anti-establishment policies, whether on the left- or right-wing of the political spectrum.

At the same time, the number of sampled voters who identify as politically centrist has decreased by four percentage points, to just 32.8 percent.

“Right-wing voters support the AfD because the party is right wing. But voters in the middle will also vote AfD because the party speaks to their populist sympathies.”

German Of The Day: Populismus

That means a left-wing political doctrine that proposes to help the common people who are being exploited by a corrupt dominant elite. Or at least the one I am referring to here is of the left-wing variety.


Ironically, this particular form of Populismus is being proposed by a leading member of that corrupt dominant elite himself. But this is the left-wing variety, as I said, and this type of thing has a long tradition so it is therefore “OK.”

The Social Democrats have presented a serious, new challenger for upcoming federal elections. But they are using the same old lines about social justice when there are more important things to talk about, writes a former economics minister (himself once in the SPD).

Who Would Want To Stay In My Crappy Country?

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has brushed off calls for Hungary to reconsider its rejection of a fairer redistribution system for refugees across all countries belonging to the European Union by explaining how nobody in their right mind would want to set foot much less spend the night in a rotten country like his. He then named a few other trashy European nations no self-respecting war refugee would want anything to do with, suggesting he could name a whole lot more where those came from.


The problem is not European, it’s German. Nobody would like to stay in Hungary, neither Slovakia, Poland or Estonia. All of them would like to go to Germany,” the well-meaning prime minister said.

Der hässliche Populismus Viktor Orbáns kann nicht über die eigentliche Ursache der Flüchtlingskrise hinwegtäuschen: Die EU hat das Thema Migration völlig unterschätzt.

Now I’ll Call Swiss Bankers Organized Criminals

Unable or unwilling to address the real reason why Germans (who can) move their money out of this country to countries where their money is treated better, SPD boss Sigmar Gabriel has now accused Swiss banking of “legalizing tax evasion.”

Maybe if the German state wouldn’t burn as much money as it does, those being milked might consider leaving it here. And maybe before accusing others of criminal intent, he might want to ask himself if the now regular practice of dealing in stolen goods (buying CDs with lists of German Swiss account holders from informers) is really the way Vater Staat (Father State) ought to behave. And maybe, just maybe, this guy ought to think about trying something different than this tired old primative populism of his. Maybe.

“Was mich ärgert ist, dass wir hier offensichtlich nicht in der Lage sind, mal eine Schwerpunktstaatsanwaltschaft zu gründen.”

Ideology muss sein

Ideology it must be, at least here in Germany. It’s strange to see how an issue concerning Monsanto’s MON 810 “green” corn melts down to molten corn on the cob before your very eyes. What might be approached with calm discussion in another country turns into an hysterical hissing fit of abandon here in Germany before a real discussion can ever even begin.  


Schmeckt lecker!


Well hidden on page 31 of this weeks’s Zeit (Wissen) was an interesting assessment of the “issue” which of course isn’t a real issue at all. Germany’s banning of the genetically altered corn is of course nothing other than a cow tow to the forces which have created the ideological vicious circle that politically correct German politicians now find themselves in (and they’re all politically correct here, as you well know). Needing to cash in on the well orchestrated populist sentiment that keeps reaching new highs (lows?) in all matters concerning environmental, climate change, anti-science, anti-American, you-get-my-drift hysteria, the banning of MON 810 is a purely political decision which has nothing at all to do with science or agriculture, much less with corn.


That the toxin produced by the corn to kill the corn boring moth larva is the same one produced by soil bacteria and sprayed by organic farmers on their organic fields here (has been for years now) doesn’t interest anyone. The people, whoever they are, have spoken and will now rest better at night knowing that they have stopped that evil US-American Monsanto Corporation from infiltrating their pristine corn fields before they get up and go out to buy some organic farmer’s expensive, toxin-treated corn the very next day.


Although, come to think of it, Germans don’t even eat corn to begin with.


“Das in den Mais eingebaute Toxin gegen Fraßschädlinge spritzen Biolandwirte mit höchstem ökologischen Segen auf ihre Felder. Das Gift stammt aus Bodenbakterien und ist seit mehr als hundert Jahren bekannt.“