Germans Really Are Peaceniks After All

The submarines they have furnished Israel with will certainly be keeping the peace.

Israel is arming these Dolphin class subs with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles. Any nation that attacks Israel with a nuclear weapon will live to regret it. Not for very long, though.

Now this is gun control that really works. And here we thought the Germans were so down on nuclear power and all that.

“Darauf kann Deutschland stolz sein.”

German subs to help thwart latest Taliban offensive

Or why else would Germany be selling such highly expensive weapons systems to one of everybody’s favorite nuclear-armed states?

The Taliban will never know what didn't hit them.

That’s right, after Chancellor Merkel’s government quietly gives its OK to the sale of three Class 214 submarines to Pakistan during the visit of a Pakistani delegation in Berlin today, Pakistan will become the first nation in maritime history to use these deadly underwater weapons against Islamist radicals in the mountainous border region between Pakistan and neighboring Afghanistan.

When asked how on earth a submarine could possibly be of any use in the rocky reaches of South Waziristan, a German military expert who refused to identify himself smugly replied “These are German submarines. They’re that good.”

“The money would be better spent on equipping and training its land forces to combat terrorist insurgents.”