Tourists Threaten Kreuzberger Biotope

“We have no intention of building a wall in Kreuzberg.” Not yet anyway. But if record-breaking numbers of tourists keep coming to Berlin all the freakin’ time, Green politicians may have to reconsider that.

It appears that certain residents in Berlin Kreuzberg have become quite hostile when it comes to hostels these days. They don’t want their colorful Kiez (neighborhood) tainted by tacky tourists. They want to keep on doing the tainting themselves. 

Remember: This is the same biotope where expensive cars go up in spontaneous combustion on a regular basis and McDonalds restaurants are the work of the devil herself. Tourism? Nein danke!

Die Grünen wollen die Zahl der Hostels und Hotels in dem Bezirk beschränken, außerdem umweltfreundliche Unterkünfte mit Ökosiegel auszeichnen.

2 responses

  1. hey pal, who’s to blame when situations degenerate? I mean, what exactly do you do to save a party (green or otherwise)?

  2. Look Bud, it’s not about degeneration (“people try to put us down), it’s about dergeneration, you know, THEIR degeneration. Kreuzberger have a monopoly on their degeneration, wouldn’t think of sharing it with tourists or Micky D’s or the like, and you know what? I bet they hope they (the tourists) die before they (the Kreuzberger) get old. Opps, too late.

    PS: “The woman who called in earlier about ecology. Save the trees. I’m so sick of that. Who? What the…”

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