German Trust In Media Rises Sharply After Being Told That German Trust in Media Rises Sharply

German told their trust in newspapers soars to record level.


After being told that a total of 55.7 percent of respondents to a study said they trust the print press, a total of 55.7 percent of respondents to the study said they trust the print press, a drastic rise on the 45.7 percent of respondents who gave that response in 2015, they were told, and the highest level of trust since the survey was first conducted in 2000, somebody told them, too. Or so I’ve been told.

Noch nie seit über 15 Jahren war das Vertrauen in die Presse so hoch wie heute. Den deutschen Medien ist es gelungen, das in sie gesetzte Vertrauen zu stärken und weiter auszubauen.

2 responses

  1. For years, the German media parrots almost word for word what the Eastern liberal papers print. It will be interesting how they will explain the evolving Susan Rice scandal. Apparently the Donald was right, Obama, or his National Security adviser, was spying on him. (Yes indeed, he and Merkle have something in common.)

  2. I have always wondered how it is that what the ARD or Spiegel, say, report about – and how they report about it – so closely matches what you read in the liberal papers you refer to, Murph. It would be easy to find the corresponding French and British papers, too. And in those of any other free country out there, for that matter. I think at times it has more to do with plagiarism than parroting. At other times I’m less sure. Or do they all just get the same news feed from someplace else (put Twilight Zone music here)? The lack of differing opinions sure makes it easy to get paranoid.

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