German Of The Day: Bündnisfall

That means casus foederis in Latin. OK, OK, and that means a “case for the alliance.” The NATO alliance, that is. Article 5. And that’s the case we have in Paris right now.


The Islamic State just attacked us. This isn’t rocket science, folks.

The coordinated terror attacks across Paris that left more than 120 dead and hundreds wounded have prompted calls for global intervention from France’s allies against the Islamic State group, which took responsibility for the attacks. As world leaders decried the attacks as an “act of war” and international media trumpeted the arrival of World War III, security experts said Saturday a perfect storm could be brewing for an invocation of the NATO’s Article 5, the clause declaring an attack against one ally to be an attack against all.

“Das war ein Kriegsakt einer feindlichen Armee, des ‘Islamischen Staates,'” Wir befinden uns im Krieg mit dem ‘Islamischen Staat'”

2 responses

  1. What, like a Nato solidarity march on the Elysee in Paris? With Bono, Barack and James Taylor leading the procession? Yes, that would start the healing and reconciliation process. NATO is the perfect platform to reach out to Islam with.

    (+>-) ….pretend that’s the new viral Eiffel tower peace symbol thingy….feel good yet? Do I have to remind you what this has absolutely nothing to do with?

    May you survive the breaking storm.

  2. Must have been a bad weekend for Angela Merkel. The Coup de gras, (I guess it is appropriate to use a French term), came when one of the terrorist was found to have a Syrian passport, and the passport was documented to have been recorded entering Greece with other refugees. Ouch, that hurts.

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