German Of The Day: Weltkriegsbombe

That means a bomb from a world war (there have been more than one, you see). You know, like the one they just found in London forcing the closure of its City Airport today?


Please note here: It is a bomb from a  world war. It is not an American or a British bomb. Nor is it a French or a Soviet bomb. It goes without saying that it certainly could not be a German bomb because it is a bomb from a world war, OK? Why somebody would bury it there like that is hard to say and no one knows who did it, either. So move along, please. Nothing to see here. Weltkriegsbombe, got it?

Bauarbeiter haben im Osten Londons eine Bombe aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg entdeckt.

Latest Anti-Terror Tributes Frighten Islamist Terrorists Into Submission

Or at least that’s the plan, I assume.


If Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate lit up in the colors of the Union Jack didn’t get them to change their evil ways last night than that One Love Manchester concert certainly must have done the trick. Talk about your one-two knockout punch.

I mean, what else could we possibly undertake to stop Islamist terrorism in Europe? I can’t think of anything, either. Other than singing Imagine by John Lennon, perhaps (in unison, holding hands, of course). A new hash tag (#TerrorismIsBadDon’tDoIt)?We’ve done what we could, people. Let’s get on with our lives now.

EUROPE UNITES Berlin and Paris stand in solidarity with London as Brandenburg Gate lights up in Union Flag colours while the Eiffel Tower goes dark 24 hours after terror atrocity.


There Has To Be A Connection Here Somewhere

What? Something happened in London, too? Imagine that.


I mean, after concrete terror threats forced German police to temporarily shut down the Rock am Ring music festival in Nuerburg and an Afghan man who killed a boy at a German refugee center near Regensburg was also shot and killed and German police arrested a 17-year-old asylum seeker suspected of planning a suicide attack in Berlin and… There were a few more there but I lose track of them these days. In the good old days, when these things only took place once a week or so, they were a whole lot easier to classify and arrange in order.

Something tells me that these terrible events must all be tied together somehow. I can feel it. There has to be a common thread connecting them but I just can’t figure out what it is. I bet you Sherlock Holmes could, though. If such a person existed, I mean.

PS: In an unrelated story, the rate of deportations is stagnating in Germany.

Maybe London’s Just Not All That Much Into You, Frankfurt

Now that national interest rates are up, I mean.


A German bid to buy the London Stock Exchange has been sunk by the EU competition watchdog.

The Frankfurt-based German exchange Deutsche Boerse was bidding to buy the LSE in a deal that critics have warned would be against Britain’s national interest.

The Art of the Deal: Die Europäische Union, aber auch die britische Regierung betreten damit ein völlig unbekanntes Gebiet. Desintegration war bislang nicht vorgesehen.

Germans To Mount Another Massive Offensive Against London

And they aren’t even making a secret about it this time, either.


The immense assault, utilizing some 150,000 or more crack uniformed German fanatics, will be staged sometime in the late evening hours of May 25 at Wembley Stadium during the Champions League soccer final between two big European soccer teams, I forget which ones. And I meant football, of course, not soccer (I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy…).

It will be the first all-German final in the history of the European Cup and a record-breaking seventh time that Wembley has hosted the match.

PS: Go Dortmund!

Know What This Is?




An interactive map of every single bomb dropped on London by the German Luftwaffe during the Blitz of World War II.

During that period (the London Blitz), London was attacked 71 times. More than one million houses were destroyed or damaged, and more than 40,000 civilians were killed.

“Wenn man diese Karten und die Verbreitung der Bomben über der Hauptstadt betrachtet, wird klar, was das Wort Blitz bedeutet.”

Guilty Until Your Boyfriend Is Proven Guilty

Sports builds character or something. Guilty by association in Germany (or in this case London)? How ya figure?

Although she has never been associated with any far-right statements or actions, German Olympic rower Nadja Drygalla has a boyfriend who has. This is not vorgesehen (provided for) in Germany, however, and therefore she must now be made a public outcast.

If her boyfriend had been an open supporter of say, the Red Army Faction, no one in Germany would have cared. But hey, I don’t make the rules here. So deal with it, lady. It’s show (trial) time.

“It is the right impulse to be very cautious when it comes to extremism in Germany. But that also caused a number of overreactions in the past and the case of Ms. Drygalla is one of it.”

It’s Better To Have Come In Ninth Than Never To Have Come In At All

The agony of defeat, or something (when people who are supposed to win lose – just ask Michael Phelps).

Wanting to keep a little reserve on the first day of Olympic competition, Germany’s swimmin’ women missed out on a spot in the women’s 4x100m freestyle final with the ninth fastest/slowest time.

Germans just aren’t good at being reserved, I guess.

“Es ist ja nicht so, dass wir mit solch einem Ergebnis gerechnet haben und machen jetzt alle einfach weiter.”